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We're living on the edge...

Inside this uncertain dream, I fall over every night

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Obsessive plus-sized fanatic, confused young-adult, master of many random skills. Has an unnatural attraction to men in long white coats, Japanese and Korean pop bands, beatboxing, and tacos.

Skills include singing, filmmaking, web and graphic design, photography, cracky art, organizing things, making omelettes. Flaws include bad spelling, procrastination, backseat driving, and obsessive compulsions.

I'm an RPer with frequently attacking muses, most of which are Jmusic inspired, many of which kill people.

• Has a dial-up connection.
• Usually updates daily.
• Includes random pictures with every entry.
• Uses many ♥s
• Rarely does memes or survey-type things.
• Smiles when she recieves comments.

This is my personal journal. If you're only interested in fandom updates, however rare they may be, please friend medifruit.

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